Our St. Louis Tour: Trolley and Riverboat

On Friday, April 7th, my class and I went on a tour of St. Louis along with the other 4th grade classes. Since then, I’ve had nothing on my mind but the things we did and saw on this trip. Now, it’s my job to review everything that happened.

To the Trolley!

The Trolley was the only actual touring part of our tour. Our tour guide told us about literally everything that we passed. We passed by the Loop, and I saw the Wizard’s Wagon, where my dad’s friend works. The Wizard’s Wagon is a board game and comic shop. They have Bobble Heads that are of characters from comics, cute “little” stuffed animals, and more! I remember the last thing I heard the tour guide talking about was The Muny. The Muny is an outdoor theater in which you sit down and feel the warm spring and summer air pass you by and the “Tweet” of birds will calm you as you watch the movie.

The Riverboat (Finally)!

The Trolley might’ve been the learning part, but the Riverboat was the fun part! We got on a Riverboat previously owned by Tom Sawyer, who named the boat “Huck Finn”, which I assume is supposed to be “Huckleberry Finn”. The Riverboat look something like this:


At once I knew this would be the ride of my life. When I first looked at the Riverboat, I thought it was actually being driven just by the wheel in the back of the boat (as shown), but really, there’s a hidden motor. It’s hidden because the people who own the boat now want it to look old fashioned, but at the same time they want a motor.

We were provided with lunch in the boat, which included:

  • One Hot Dog
  • Lays Potato Chips
  • One Cookie
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • Relish
  • And a canned soda.

After we ate, we got to go outside of the boat while it was moving and we felt the cool outdoor breeze and the cold, brown water swat at our faces, as if to say “Hello! Hope you had a great time!”

And I did! I had more than a great time on our Tour of St. Louis, and I hope that if you go on the same tour, you will have a great time as well.

And now comes


of my review on my tour of St. Louis by Trolley and Riverboat.