Global Game Jam 2017

A few weekends ago (Friday January 20 - Sunday January 22) was the Global Game Jam. I participated in St. Louis. I learned a little bit of how real coding works, how to make video game art, and never to oversleep during a game jam.

There is always something new to learn from every game jam. Another Jammer, Jon, who’s been to almost every single Game Jam, still had something new to learn. So, if you thought there was nothing left for you to learn from these.. Chaotic.. Jams, you’re wrong. Even if you barely get any sleep, the whole weekend is complete chaos, and you might get Game-Jam-Lag, it’s still a great way to learn, have fun, interact, and maybe try some foods you’ve never tasted before. You might even meet old friends you haven’t seen for a long time or make new friends.

Even if one person disagrees with the other, it’s a nice feeling to come and it’s great for people who want to make things that make sense, learn about coding, artists, and many more!

This time, the theme was Waves. My very first idea was Surfing Zombie Kittens, but we soon decided to do a Dancing Noodle Dude Rhythm game. We still stuck with the cat idea, though. The noodle dude is a cat, the audience is full of cats, everything is cats.

We call our game “Rave.Wav”. This is the very first game jam I have ever actually participated in. Every other game jam, I was just there.I hope it wasn’t also my last.

I had been looking forward to the jam ever since I even heard that I was working on the game. I will be waiting for the next one to come as well. Even though I didn’t see all the games being presented, I saw most of them, and, I think they were all great.

The Global Game Jam that I (along with many, many others..) participated in was just about the time of my life. I hope that I will get to participate in many more to come.